Investing in an early-stage startup?

De-risk Your


We help you maximise your odds of success,

leveraging our unique co-building approach

How we de-risk

your investments



We have decades of experience building digital products and services with top brands and startups. We’ll be hands-on, co-building a product with the startups you invest in.

  • Leverage our expertise to bring the idea to life

  • Ship early & often, learn from customers

  • Laser focus on getting traction quicker


Non-tech founders

It’s always risky to invest in non-tech founders even if they have the domain expertise (e.g. healthcare, climate change, etc) to tackle complex problems.

  • Educate them on digital product development

  • Help them use their tight resources wisely

  • Have them co-building the product with us

  • Help them hire the tech talents


Skin in the game

We also co-invest in the startup with you and act like their co-founder. Our interests are aligned to maximise the chances of success, aiming to get a high return on the investment.

  • Aligned interests between you and us (ROI)

  • A genuine, long-term relationship


Partnering up with us, the startups you invest in will maximise their chances of success


Already have a lead?

Found a promising startup you want to invest in? Or already invested in a startup that you want to accelerate? We'll be hands-on, guiding them to build a successful digital product.


Looking for opportunities?

Looking for promising investment opportunities? We actively engage with lots of interesting startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Co-invest in startups with us.


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