Want to bring your idea to market?

Launch a Successful


We invest in your startup, co-building a digital product with your domain expertise



with us


Our investment

First of all, our process ensures that you spend less to achieve more, avoiding all the common startup mistakes. On top of that, we invest in your startup, covering 40% of the project cost.

  • Avoid wastes and common mistakes

  • Cover part of the cost with our investment


Battle-tested process

There are so many things that could go wrong when you’re not familar with digital product design and development. We’ve done tons of it.

  • Validate the market need quickly and properly

  • Laser focus on the unique value proposition

  • Build, measure & learn (mitigate risks)

  • Grow your customer base strategically


Skin in the game

In exchange for our investment we become a shareholder of your startup (often, low equity).
We act like your co-founder and help you succeed in every possible way.


  • Build on a genuine relationship

  • Get support for recruitment & fundraising



Our broad digital skills cover everything you need to turn your vision into a successful product

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Product Strategy

We translate your vision into tangible actions, driven by customer and market insights.