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Future founders program

Turn Your Expertise into a Startup

Validate your business idea without quitting your day job. No fee required.


Future funders program 

We help you validate your idea thoroughly and also raise money to launch your startup.



We help you craft a compelling message and create a pitch deck that resonates with investors. With us on your "Team" slide, your chances of success will dramatically improve.


Market validation

Our “market-first” approach ensures that there will be people who want to pay for your solution even before you build a functional product, avoiding the common mistakes startups make.



Once you've successfully raised money with us on the team, we co-found a startup. Now it's time to start an exciting journey with us, co-building the innovative product that nobody has seen before.

Validate your idea with us?

No need to quit your day job. No fee required, just your brain, passion and grit.

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